How to change Internet browser default, using tools of the operating system

When the computer has multiple Internet browsers, change browser default, not only in its settings but also in the operating system.

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At first glance this procedure for many is associated with a long search for settings that need to change to change the browser. It is actually quite simple.

Changing the default browser in Windows 7

Click the start button, select control Panel, in the opened window, select default Programs. Open the item set program access and defaults.On the left side of the window, in the list of programs, do a left click on a favorite browser, and now on the right side click on set this program as default.

Select your default browser in Windows XP

Click the start button, select control Panel, in the opened window select the Install and remove programs. In the left column of the window click the button Select default programs. Note the Different paragraph and select from the list the browser and then confirm your choice by clicking on OK. If you prefer to change the browser without going on the settings and options in Windows, see the following article.

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