How to take a screenshot. Do a screenshot

Very often there is a need to take a picture of the screen or, as it is called, a screenshot. Learning to do a screen shot.

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Make a screenshot of the entire screen

In the case where you need to capture the entire screen, press on your keyboard the Print Screen key (on different keyboards models, it may be referred to as PrtScn or PrtScrn). The result here is such a screenshot:

Make a screenshot of the active window

If you need to take a picture not the entire screen, but only a small part of the active window, then use the keyboard shortcut Alt + Print Screen. And here's what we got. Notice the difference?

screen shots

Captured screen can be inserted in a simple graphic editor Paint, and then, having carried with him simple operation, save as a graphic file. You can paste the screenshot in a graphic editor Adobe Photoshop and, if necessary, to change it beyond recognition. You can just tweak the brightness, contrast, saturation, and then again save it as a graphic file. You can insert a screenshot in any of the formats Microsoft Office documents: Word, Excel, or Power Paint. Put the cursor in the desired document, press Ctrl + V or clicking the right mouse button and selecting from the pop-up menu to Insert or select in the main menu item edit, and then from the drop-down list, click Insert. Here's what I've got in Word:This text document as a graphic file with an image of the screen, you can now send to the recipient via e-mail. Before you take a screenshot, make sure the monitor screen is no personal or confidential information, such as codes or passwords. Good luck to you!

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