How to determine the file format. How to assign a program to open the file,

In the information world there are tens of thousands of different file formats. What if you need to open a file in an unknown format, not opening the standard programs?

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What to do in the first place

Before you open or run the file, received by e-mail or on a flash drive, you must scan it by antivirus software and make sure that it is neither a virus nor a carrier of the virus.

file Extension

The file name extension is alphabetic or numeric characters after the file name and separated from it by a point. The file extension can tell you about the format of the file very much. But how to know the file name extension if the file Explorer displays only the names of files and extensions are hidden? In the main Explorer menu, select tools, and in the drop down menu – folder options. Go to the View tab, in the advanced settings window remove the bird from the Hide extensions for known file types and press OK. Now in Windows Explorer in file names after point shown for the. Another way to know the file extension, if it is not visible in Windows Explorer — right click the mouse on the file, the pop-up menu to choose the Properties item. In the properties window, the file name will always be displayed with the extension separated from the filename by a dot.

Common types and file formats

File type The extension Audio .aac .ac3 .acm .cdr .kar .kfn .m3u .mid .midi .mp3 .wav Video .3gp .3mm .avi .dat .mkv .mov .mp4 .mpeg .mpg .vob .wmv Graphic .bmp .cdr .djvu .gif .ico .jpg .jpeg .psd .tif .thumb Text .doc .docx .dot .faq .log .mg .rtf .txt Archive .7z .arc .arj .rar .Rev. tar .tgz .zip Executable .app .bat .cmd .com .exe Internet .asp .cer .chm .htm .html .js .jsp .rss .vbd .xul .zfo System .ani .cab .cur .dll .hlp .ico .nfo .reg .sys Backup .asd .bak .bup .da0 .gho .nba .old .tib Database .cdb .db .dbf .dsk .fpt .mdb .odb .pdb .sql .xld Scripts .aps .asm .dcu .def .dsp .jav .json .pas .res .src

Assign default program

For most file formats in the operating system designated for programs that are used by default for opening files of the specified type. How to be in cases where the file format is not assigned to the program, which you can use this file to open? Runs in Explorer, right click on the file and from the popup menu select Open with. In additional pop-up menu, select Choose program. In the opened window Select program select one of the available programs and click OK. For example, we chose the program WinDjView. In order to compare this program to that file type on a regular basis, you should before you press OK to tick the option Use the selected program to open this kind of file. If not in the list of programs offered no specific program, you can specify the program to open the files manually. To choose program click Browse and indicate the location of the desired program, or rather its executable file.For example, we chose the program AllReader2 – or rather, an executable file AllReader2.exe. Now all PDFs will open with this program always, or until we perenaznachen to open some other program. Usually, the operating system itself opens, or offers to open the file any program. If you open the file still fails to know which program is for this purpose necessary, can appeal to the all-knowing community of the world wide Web. Let all your files is always a program that is able to open them!

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