How to put the symbol on the keyboard. Character map Windows

To put a character that's not on the keyboard, use the keys Alt and enter the numeric code. There is another way is to use the Windows character map.

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To enter characters not found on your keyboard by using Alt and right keys the digital operator is undoubtedly very convenient. But to remember all the numeric codes of the characters is simply unrealistic, in addition, need the table IDs may simply not be at hand at the right time. Consider claviature enter characters by using character map. Click start, select Programs – accessories – system tools – character map. A window will open with the symbol table:If the advanced options view is not the bird – put it. In the additional fields, select the following values: for the parameter Set of characters from the opened list, select the Unicode value, and Grouping the Ranges of Unicode:Next to the window character map will appear a small additional window Grouping with a list of ranges of Unicode: Select, for example, section Mathematical operators, character map, roll the mouse pointer over the symbol ± and execute a left mouse click. A small box will appear with the enlarged image of the selected character. Press the Select button, and then click Copy.Put the cursor in the text where you want to insert a special symbol ± and paste it using the Paste command from the edit main menu or used the keyboard combination Ctrl+V, or right-click performed with the mouse and from the pop-up menu choose Paste. That's all the symbol ±, which is not on the keyboard, inserted in the text. When you write a article insert symbol "plus or minus" was carried out using the symbol table. Good luck to you!

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