How to know IP address of your computer. The designated IP address of the computer yourself

IP address is the unique address of a computer connected to a LAN or WAN. How to find out your IP address? There are a few methods. Choose any.

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Method 1. Use the connection properties

For Windows XP Click the start button, then settings – control Panel – Network connections.Select the shortcut connection to a local network or the Internet and open it. In the opened Status window select the Support. Parameter value IP address and the IPS will be our computer. For Windows 7 Click the start button, then control Panel – the control Center network and sharing. In the left column select Change adapter settings. In the opened Network connections window, select the shortcut connection to a local network or the Internet and open it.Click the Details button in the dialog box of network connection Details, find the value of a parameter an Ipv4 Address, and he will desired IP address of the computer.

Method 2. Use the Ipconfig command

These are the same as for Windows XP and Windows 7. Click the start button, select Run, in the opened window, enter cmd and press OK.In the opened DOS session window enter the command ipconfig or ipconfig /all and press Enter.In this window you will see information about the ip address of the computer.

Method 3. Use online opredeliteli ip addresses

The simplest, but requires Internet connection the way to determine the IP. On-line services by identifying the ip addresses in the Network very much. To name just a couple of them: EN and http://2ip. EN. To become working links, remove every space before the word ru. Don't be surprised if the ip address of the computer that is defined using the first two methods will be different from the ip address specified with the help of online service. The thing is that using the first two methods is determined by the ip address of your computer in the local network of your ISP, also called internal ip, and using on-line services will be determined by external ip address, i.e. the address under which your computer is visible in the global Internet. To the internal ip address matches external, you need to order from the provider for an additional payment service, which is called "Permanent address" or something like that. But, I can assure you, the urgent need for such service, except for a few specific tasks, no.

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