How to choose the iron. The correct choice of iron

Quality iron must be equipped with a steam setting, spray, self-cleaning system, serve long and be relatively inexpensive.

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Aluminum The cost of the irons with this kind of sole is low. Aluminum sole slides well on fabric, heats up quickly and cools down, but at the same time, easily deformed and scratched. To increase the stiffness of the outsole are made of aluminum in combination with the additives of other metals and is used deposition of hard metals on the mirror of the soleplate. Stainless steel A very common material for the soles. Heated steel sole is slightly slower than aluminum, but holds heat longer. Is durable and scratch resistant. Easy to clean, but as quick and dirty. A bit heavy compared to aluminum. The cost is in the middle price range. Ceramic and metal-ceramic Perfectly glides over fabrics and makes the Ironing easy and comfortable. The sole is made of ceramic durable, no scratches. Long retains heat, cools down slowly and extremely gently and carefully stroking the fabric. Irons with ceramic and metal-ceramic sole the most expensive among all the others, but they are worth it.

hydration System

Moistening the tissue can be carried out by spraying with water from a small hole in the front of the iron or steam through the holes in his soles. Irons with cooking spray well soften and moisturize the thin and delicate cloth with water, but struggle to cope with the pressing badly wrinkled clothes and products from thick fabrics. Excellent job with moisturizing all kinds of fabrics irons with steam. Almost all modern irons are equipped with both the above systems the cloth. Special attention should be paid to the presence of purchased iron features vertical steam, which make Ironing of washed jacket, jacket or coat in a vertical position.

cleaning System

Increase the cost of iron, but the cartridge is a water softener or protivopostavit the rod will protect the appliance from scale formation in the system of vaporization. But if scum has formed and steam holes partially clogged, the system is self-cleaning by exposure to vapor of the steam will clean all ducts and vents of soleplate.

Anti-drip system

The presence of a "drop-stop" is not required when Ironing worker, but very welcome. Very often when Ironing fabrics of silk at low temperature a small amount of water does not have time to vaporize and in the form of droplets flows over the surface of the sole in thin and delicate tissue, leaving the stains. Anti-drip system "drip-stop" will prevent the ingress of water to the surface-to-iron fabrics.

water tank

Convenient fill port in the water tank and the transparency of the material from which the container is made will greatly facilitate the use of iron. And the volume of the tank will depend on how often you have So don't forget to pay attention to these seemingly little things.

power control

Must have clear and easy-to-read letters, symbols and pictograms. The rotary disk controller must accurately record the selected Ironing temperature and to shift from light touch of a hand.

power Cord

The electrical cable must have a length sufficient for connection to a wall outlet AC power without the use of additional extensions, filters, etc. another Important factor is the rigidity of the cable and the angle of the cord at the base of the iron. And at the end selection you need to take an iron in hand and wiggle them from side to side. If the iron is conveniently "sits" in the hand, terminated by a long procedure of selection and sent him to the cashier.

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