How to choose a humidifier for the house. The choice of humidifier

Relative humidity of air in premises should be from 40% to 60%. To maintain it at the required level is impossible without the humidifier.

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Types of humidifiers on the principle of operation

Classic humidifier with cold steam The principle of operation of this humidifier is very simple. In the tank water is evaporating naturally over the container of water is placed a fan, dispersing the evaporated water into the room. The performance of this type of humidifiers is extremely low and is comparable with the performance of the evaporation water in the aquarium. The ability to speed up or slow down the evaporation process, and therefore, the humidification of the air in the room is not at all. The evaporator with hot steam The humidifier with hot steam resemble a pot of boiling and evaporating water. Their effectiveness, compared with the previous type humidifiers, much higher. And shortcomings but they have a lot. The constant gurgling sound of boiling water in the tank will not all sleep, and the boiling water in the evaporator poses a potential threat of burns if it tipped over the humidifier with hot steam, and power consumption of such a device quite high. Ultrasonic humidifier The most effective and safest type humidifiers. Membrane vibrating with ultrasound frequency, it makes getting on the water in a cloud of spray, which, mixing with the air, through a special output channel in the air space of the room and thus humidifies the air in the room. Operates almost silently, a danger to others, especially children, is not. The only drawback – the formation of white deposits on the furniture in the room where the humidifier is working. With a touch of lime as contained in hard tap water, can successfully complete cartridges for water softening, which consist of granules of ion-exchange resin.


Special attention when choosing a humidifier for the house should be given its performance. Technical specifications of these appliances is always specified nominal area moist space. The humidifier was able to bring the humidity up to the minimum required 40%, choose a device with a capacity sufficient for the size of the room in which you plan to operate.

power consumption

This setting is inextricably linked to performance. The higher the performance of the humidifier, the greater its power consumption. In the pursuit of performance, home assistant be aware of how much electricity will be used by the humidifier to the electricity bill coming at the end of the month, you are plunged into a state of shock.


Because the humidifier will work in the daytime and at night, the noise of a household appliance of great importance. It is unlikely you will be pleased with the moist air in the room, if pay for it will be a sleepless night due too noisy.


An important criterion in the choice and functionality of the humidifier. You will have to decide whether you need an ultrasonic humidifier in the regimes of both cold and warm vapor. In the mode of warm vapor the air in the room faster wetting, but the consumption is increased significantly. Decide for yourself whether to buy a humidifier with the function of air ionization, if the household already has a separate device for cleaning and air ionization. Built-in timer will allow you to switch the unit off after a specified time, but if your appliance will operate continuously, what is the point to pay an added feature that nobody will use?


When choosing a humidifier check the type of replaceable cartridges and filters used in its operation. Be sure to ask about the availability, accessibility and price of these consumables.

Ease of operation

Should the model of the humidifier to be equipped with a remote control or enough control buttons on the front panel, you decide. But the location of the control buttons on the remote as "distinzioni" and on the panel of the device should be convenient, and the interface is intuitive. We wish that the humidifier worked for a long time, reliably and without failure, the air in the house was wet, soft and pure, and you are always cheerful and healthy!

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