How to choose the oil burner for aromatherapy. Types of aroma lamps

Using the burner to vaporize the essential oils are able to improve not only mood but also health. What burner to choose?

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Classic fragrance lamp

The heat source in a traditional oil burner is the flame of the candle, which is placed in the bottom of the lamp. In aroma lamps use a standard round candles in the liners of aluminum foil. The upper part of the burner is a container which is filled with water and added essential oils. The most optimal materials for traditional aroma lamps are natural stone, glass or clay slip, since they do not react with essential oils, unlike metal, which, interacting with aromatic oils, reduces their properties and quality. Based on the above, from the acquisition of metal oil burner should be avoided. In addition to the material, the important parameters of the aromatic bulbs are the size of its component parts and their arrangement. The distance from the flame to the bowl of the burner should be between 7 to 10 cm and the bowl capacity is from 30 ml to 50 ml. Only at these parameters the speed of heating the water in the bowl will be moderate, and the saturation of the air with the aroma is smooth and uniform. Do not succumb to the entreaties of the seller trying to hawk you an aroma lamp fancy shapes, the main purpose of which will be the decoration of your interior, but certainly not the production of an airy potpourri. Be aware that the temperature of the water in the bowl of the burner should be from 40 to 600 C. otherwise, the essential oils added to the water substantially will not evaporate, or will boil and burn, that will adversely affect their therapeutic effect.

Electric aroma lamps

A more modern version of the traditional aroma lamps aroma lamp is electric, in which water instead of a candle with essential oils warms up the candle, and light bulb, which often serves also as a light source, providing the opportunity to use the aroma lamp as a night light.

Ultrasonic aroma lamps

The principle of operation of ultrasonic lamps is very similar to the working principle of ultrasonic humidifiers. The membrane oscillates at a frequency of ultrasound, spray essential oils into the air, thus eliminating the need to use water for the evaporation of aromatic oils. In addition, the essential oil, without being subjected to heat treatment, retains significantly more nutrients, consequently, increases the effect of the use of such lamps. And another important advantage of the ultrasonic lamp – no open flame, making it safe to use in the first place in the children's rooms. Let the burner no matter what type they are, will create in your abode the unique atmosphere of comfort and harmony, positive emotions and pleasant sensations!

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