How to choose steamer. Choose a steamer independently

Before you go to the store for a double boiler, will determine the parameters, technical data and requirements which it must meet.

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Otherwise, but frustration and regret about wasted money, every time using this household device you will have to endure the inconvenience and the troubles which could have been avoided.


The power of the various models of steamers varies in a very wide range: from 500 to 2000 watts. Naturally, would like to see a new member of the family of kitchen appliances consumed moderate amounts of electricity without increasing the already tangible payments for the electric power, but at the same time, a more powerful steamer is much faster to cook steam from the water, and consequently the time to cook it will be significantly less than that of the device with less power. But not always cooking in a double boiler is directly dependent on its power. Design features, the amount of steam baskets and the volume of the steamers – the important factors affecting the speed of cooking in it. The best option will be a choice of a double boiler with power control, in this case, you will be able to change the power of this device depending on the tasks.

and the interface

Mechanical control with timer or electronic module with digital and symbol display – to whom from them to prefer? It should be remembered that the mechanical modulus is less functional, but more reliable and durable, and electronic, though, and fails more often their mechanical counterpart, but its feature set and the list of modes will satisfy the most demanding home cooks.

size, number and shape of the steam baskets

If steam basket in the steamer for a few, prefer the one with a basket of the same size. This will allow during cooking to rearrange them, achieving the perfect degree of readiness of dishes. With regard to the amount of steam baskets and their amounts, be guided by your appetite and the number of eaters at the table. The more, the, accordingly, should be large and basket.


Pay attention to the pallet when choosing a double boiler. If the tray is not deep enough (less than 2 cm), the condensate flowing down into it while cooking, be quick to fill and the water from the sump will drain quite often. So as not to burn his fingers, it is advisable to choose tray with handles. Very well, if the construction of the steamers there are separate trays for each steam basket. In this case, the juice from dishes in the upper basket won't get on the products originating in the lower. As a result, the taste will be unique.

Options for water

Useful built-in steam cooker water level indicator that allows you to monitor the amount of water in the heating module, and the presence of special external opening for filling of water will allow you to add water in the steamer while cooking, that, you, very, very comfortable. Treat this kitchen assistant seriously and responsibly and let cooking for a couple will be easy, quick and convenient!

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