How to choose the right conditioning. Choose the air conditioner by yourself

The most radical way to escape the heat and create in your home an optimum microclimate – use air conditioning. First you need to target it properly.

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Types of air conditioners

The subject of our conversation will be room air conditioners, as they are most commonly used in daily life, semi-industrial and industrial air conditioning system is a narrow specialized market segment and are designed for use in residential premises with an area of over 100 m2, gyms, shopping malls and manufacturing plants. Split systems (wall air conditioners) consist of indoor and outdoor units interconnected copper pipes for the circulation of the freon and electrical wiring. Indoor unit supplying conditioned air is placed at any place of a room or office and the outdoor unit, noisy and bulky, mounted on the outside of the building. Wall air conditioners are relatively inexpensive and the most common among all home air conditioners. Multi-split systems are a modification of split-systems. The main difference is the ability to connect to an external block not one, but multiple indoor units of different capacity, that allows to condition the air in multiple rooms, not zaveshivaya the facade of the house with garlands of outdoor units. The disadvantage of this configuration is the complexity of installation, leading to a high cost of their installation. Mobile air conditioners is a good way out of the situation when it is necessary to provide cooling air for a short time. In their simplest form in the room is the candy bar of this device, and on the street through the window or hole in the wall there is a flexible hose through which warm air is discharged to the outside. Disadvantages of mobile air conditioners are a significant noise level and high cost devices. Window air conditioners were out of the competition now the demand for them fell, because to fit them you have to cut in a window pane or wall of a rectangular hole, which leads to the insulation of the room. So use them mainly in regions with a warm climate. Window air conditioners are fairly loud sources of noise that creates the compressor, but relatively inexpensive and easy to install.


It is necessary to distinguish the power consumption of the cooling capacity and not to fear the waste of energy, seeing in the technical characteristics of this climatic device, the value of cooling capacity, equal to, for example, 3 kW. The power consumption of such conditioner will be three times smaller – on the order of 1 kW. In order to determine the capacity of air conditioning required to cool the premises specified dimensions, you need to use special formulas or calculator power. For example, for a room area of 25 m2, you need a conditioner with a cooling capacity of 3.5 kW.


The noise level of the outdoor unit will be relevant only to your neighbors who have no air conditioning, and therefore opened the window next to this device. You the noise from the outdoor unit to hear it won't be, because when operating the air conditioner the window in your room will be closed. But the noise level of the indoor unit – the parameter which it is necessary to pay attention when choosing the air conditioner. Although it is not so simple, because in addition to those stated in the passport of the minimum and maximum noise levels, additional noise sources may be cracking under compression-expansion of the plastic housing of the device, the control relays clicks, hissing and gurgling of freon.

heating Function

To replace the heater in the offseason, in spring and autumn, can air conditioning with heating function, or, as they are called, heat pumps, warm air conditioning or reversible air conditioning. The air in such devices is not heated from an electric spiral, and the inclusion of a reverse mode of operation of the device in which the inner and outer blocks, figuratively speaking, "switch places". Air conditioning takes the heat from outside air and releases it to the air inside the room. But do not try to warm up with air conditioning with heat pump when the temperature outside is below zero – appliance will be discarded.

inventory module

The presence of the conditioning block of the inverter, which converts the AC power to DC power and allows you to make operation smoother. When reaching the setpoint temperature, the control module does not disconnect-switches on the compressor, and changes the frequency of its revolutions. Due to this, the temperature inside is maintained more accurately, and not varies a few degrees, as in the case of air-conditioned, equipped with inverter units. Have you selected air for a long time and faithfully serve you, creating coziness and comfort in your home!

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