How to choose the right fan. Choose the fan yourself

Household have long been fans of bulky and noisy devices have become silent household multi-functional devices, giving coolness in the summer heat.

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Types of fans

Floor fan has a fairly high capacity and a large diameter of the blades, whereby the air stream enters into all parts of the room. And when you consider that almost all models of table fans are equipped with a turning mechanism in the cycle mode turning the fan motor with the blades 900 and back, the fan "will be blown" all the residential space or office space. Also important is the ability to adjust the height of the pedicle, allowing to direct the air flow at the required distance from the floor. Provides for adjustment of the angle of the motor with the blades, giving the opportunity to more accurately set the angle of airflow to room. Table fan can be considered a reduced copy of the floor. Accordingly, it will be smaller and the size of the blades, and the blowing force. Also, like its outdoor sibling, he "is able to turn your head" from side to side in the sector of 900 . Like outdoor options, desktop fan adjustable angle of the engine with the blades. Great for ventilation in smaller spaces. Ceiling fans are often mounted in areas with a fairly large area, since such appliances have the blades impressive size motors and equipped with solid power. Raise your head, when you pass through the shopping centre, sports hall or production — you're guaranteed to see ceiling fans. Available ceiling fans for living rooms, their main advantage is that they do not occupy space on the floor or table and, therefore, do not create a nuisance.

Power, the diameter of the blades and the noise level

There is no doubt that the more power the fan and the diameter of its blades, the more air flow it can generate and thus the more successful will he cope with the main task of mixing the air in the room. It makes no sense for a small little room to buy a powerful fan — save your money and electricity. The pursuit of power is very important not to lose sight of the important parameter of the fan – its the noise level. Many manufacturers indicate in their technical specifications only minimum noise levels measured on the lowest speed. Therefore, when buying a fan it is useful to ask to include it and compare the noise levels in different operating modes. If you plan to use the fan at night in the bedroom, its noise level should not exceed 30 decibels.

Modes of operation

In order to provide a flexible variation of the speed of rotation of the fan blades, it has stepped switches operation modes or control motor speed. Outdoor fans are generally equipped with switches modes, and table – speed controls.

protection grid

This security tool should be equipped with all fans. Moreover, it must be two-way and close by children's playful hands and accidental touches adults as the blade and the back side of the engine. If you have a small child, the cells of the protective grid and the gaps between the spokes of the grid should be as low as possible.

Additional options

Without additional functions, in principle, possible to do, but how they make life easier and increase the value of household appliance! The remote control will make use of a fan is more convenient, providing the ability to control the operation of the device at a distance. Device for controlling the humidity when it reaches a certain level of humidity in the room will include a miniature vaporizer-humidifier that can be turned into a oil burner, if you use flavorings. Air ionizer can also be embedded into the fan. Even the most simple module, consisting of two electrodes will ionize the air in the room, making it much cleaner. The display will make the fan more informative and convenient, and the backlight will allow to avoid collision with the device in the darkness of the night. The presence sensor will enable the fan only in the room a man comes in and turns it off when the room will be empty for some time. The timer will do what he does in the rest of the instrument: turn the instrument either at a specified time or after a certain time period. Of course, the fan – not air conditioning, but given its low (relative to air) value, with the task to resist the heat he consults on 5 points! That's all there is to know about the fans for a successful selection. Good luck with your purchase!

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