How to clean air conditioning. Cleaning and disinfection of the air conditioner with your own hands

Long and reliable operation is impossible without a caring care involving regular cleaning and disinfection of the appliance.

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How often do you clean the air conditioner

It depends on how dusty your room or office. We recommend to proceed as follows: to clean household air cooler once a month. If after a month after cleaning air conditioning and air filter will be very dirty, consequently need to be cleaned more often if the filter remains relatively clean, maintenance of the air conditioner can run less often.

Extracted air filter

Holding hands for the front cover located on the front panel of the air conditioner, raise it up. With one hand continuing to hold the cover front panel, with the other hand retrieved the air filter, slightly lifting the lower part. Depending on the design, except by air dust filter, a mesh with very fine mesh, the air conditioner may also be present antimicrobial air filter: coal, plasma or catechin. It is also to be removed from the housing of the indoor unit of the air conditioner.

Clean filter

Vacuum clean the air filter, cleaning of the grid cell from adhering dust. It is preferable to wash the filter with water and detergent and then thoroughly rinse it and dry. Antimicrobial air filter clean and not be replaced.

carry out the disinfection and remove smell

Using a special liquid antiseptic or disinfectant solutions for air conditioners type CONDICLEAN can not only remove the unpleasant smell of mildew, but also to conduct the decontamination of the surfaces of the fins of the evaporator in contact with the condensate. To do this, turn on the air conditioning in a ventilation mode of the air at the maximum power sent a stream of aerosols from the spray and spray disinfectant near the zone of suction of air (usually found in the upper part of the appliance). We recommend you to spend about 2/3 of the spraying capacity of spray. After about 10 minutes, the surface of the evaporator of the air conditioner will be covered with a protective film in the form of a thin layer of antiseptic and the smell of mold will not be over.

Install air filter

The remaining third of the volume of the aerosol can carefully processed, washed and dried dust mesh.Then set in an antimicrobial air conditioning filters (if any) and dust. The filter mesh-boot, start up, installed in the slots, and then drop down, locking in the lower fixation elements.

Clean the outdoor unit heat exchanger

Sometimes it is necessary to pay attention to outdoor unit. Despite the fact that in most cases, access to the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit obstructed due to its mounting on the outer side of the bearing walls, it is still necessary to clean the radiator from poplar fluff, dust and dirt. If this is not done, the heat sink deteriorates, the compressor will work harder, will overheat and, eventually, fail. Let clean and well maintained air conditioning serves you without breakage, mellowing, and effectively ventilating the air, creating in your abode cozy and cool!

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