How to choose a microwave. What to look for when buying a microwave

To defrost fish or meat, reheat a previously cooked dish, to roast a chicken or bake a cake – all it knows how to do microwave. Get down to her choice.

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Useful volume and capacity

You are a student living in a Studio apartment or are a member of a large family with mom, dad, children, grandparents, and even the dog? You need a microwave is a completely different volume, from 15 to 45 liters. Particularly focus on power makes no sense, because at the same time increasing the volume of the internal chamber increases in proportion to the useful power of the microwave.

appearance and control panel

The appearance of microwave ovens special variety is no different. Color scheme is white, grey and silver colors. That's all the differences. Go to the door, usually it is made of laminated glass with a shielding grid, the hole diameter is slightly less than 3 mm. with this design it becomes possible visual control during the process of heating or cooking. The control panel of the microwave can be mechanical, electronic or touch with one or more liquid crystal screens, voice prompts and an electronic programmer.

the Inner coating of the working chamber

Enameled coating of the inner walls of the chamber is the most popular inexpensive low-end models. Enamel the inner surface of the camera is quite sensitive and may peel off and fall away in time as the heated or cooked and during washing the camera. The stainless steel is resistant to high temperatures and mechanical damage, grease and food particles to it, unlike the enamelled, almost never stick. And even if they stick, it is easy to wash off. Ceramic coating is considered to be the most practical cameras for domestic microwave ovens, as different surface smoothness, her strength and resistance to occurrence of soot.


The simplest type of microwave ovens – the solo models have only the function of microwaves. In such devices it is possible to defrost food, reheat food and prepare simple meals. Such microwave ovens are ideal for office and those who are not at home not indulge yourself with culinary highlights or while cooking prefers the gas stove and the oven. Microwave ovens are often equipped with the function of the grill, whereby it becomes possible to cook in microwave grilled chicken or fried meat. The grill may be tubular and quartz. The tubular electric grill consists of a metal tube, inside which is a heating element, it is possible to lower, raise, change the angle depending on how much and what is placed in a microwave oven for cooking. It is much cheaper than quartz grill, which is a tube made of quartz glass, within which is placed a spiral from an alloy of Nickel and chromium. Quartz grill heats up faster and takes up less space, usually located at the top of the camera. The convection mode in microwave ovens enables oven in all of them that you can bake classic oven; cakes, pastries, pies, rolls, stews and vegetables. All this thanks to the fan dispersing hot air throughout the oven, providing uniform heating preparing meals. The function of the steam generator, which is present in the microwave will give you the chance to cook her food for a couple, and no worse than in a double boiler. I want to draw your attention on inverter microwaves, in which the power of the magnetron is changed not abruptly, as in conventional ovens, but smoothly, whereby such furnaces are durable and efficient, and the food cooked in them, retain their beneficial properties and internal texture. To avoid unpleasant surprises you should use for heating and cooking only those dishes, which operation is permitted by the manufacturer of the microwave oven.

What to choose?

For use microwave ovens only to defrost and heat up food enough to stay for budget solo model. If you are planning to pamper themselves and their households of fried chicken or hot sandwiches, you need to choose oven with grill. If you plan to use the microwave for baking and cooking with steam, you need a microwave with grill, convection and steam generator.Let the dishes prepared in your chosen microwave oven are always a delicious, appetizing and healthy! Bon appétit!

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