How to charge the battery of the car. Several methods of battery charging

How to properly charge a dead battery? Which method to use: classic, forced, gentle or exotic?

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Turn on the ignition, start the starter and it barely turns over or just clicks modestly? And in addition dimly, dimly, shining lights? Conclusion – the rules of operation of the car battery was neglected and, as a result, the battery pack is discharged. Well, then charge it!

the Classic method of charging rechargeable batteries

First remove the battery from the vehicle or disconnect the positive and negative wires from the battery terminals, or (if this car is equipped with a disconnect switch) the " - " is disabled. Twisted tube cans (usually six). Check the electrolyte level. If the level is low be sure to add distilled water into the jars of the battery, otherwise, when charging, can burn some of his plates. Observing the polarity connect the wires from the charger to the battery terminals. The charger at this point must be disconnected from the 220 V ! The included charger. The strength of the charging current is set equal to 10% of the battery capacity. Usually 5-7 amps. During the charging process periodically adjust the value of the charging current and monitor the temperature of the electrolyte. If it is heated above 400 C, need to interrupt the power and allow the electrolyte to cool down to 27 degrees. Expect copious gassing of the electrolyte in the banks, rolling in "boiling". The strength of the charging current on the charger should drop to near zero. Disconnected the charger from the mains and remove the wires from the battery terminals. We twist the vent of the battery and wipe the battery surface from the accumulated drops.

Forced charging method

the battery from the vehicle do not remove, the terminals are not detachable. Connect the wires from the charger to the battery terminals the machine. The included charger, set the amperage charge at a maximum (but not more than 10). Wait 15 minutes. Turn off charger, disconnect the wires from the battery terminals, start the engine, warmed up and in the way!

Gentle method

Either remove the battery or disconnect positive and negative wires to its terminals. The included charger, set the amperage charge to the minimum possible value (about 0.5 A – 1A). Charging the battery with this method is about 12 hours.

Charging newly purchased rechargeable battery

be Sure to check the electrolyte level Charged gentle method. The only difference is that for charging a new battery is usually sufficient just 2 hours.

First exotic method of battery charging

If absolutely nothing charge, and charge desperately need. Collect the simplest scheme: an electrical cord with a plug, the light bulb is 100 Watts and the diode bridge. Plug the wires to the battery, wait 12 hours and have the battery charged to about 80%.

the Second unusual charging method

we Find the power supply from any office or household equipment with a rated voltage of 12 – 14 volts (usually indicated on the unit) and amperage the more the better. It is suitable for the power supply of the computer or modem. Connected to the battery terminals and the next day he was tolerably well will be able to turn the starter

security Measures

Be careful! When charging the battery from the electrolyte to the atmosphere evaporates a whole bunch of harmful and toxic substances: sulphur dioxide, arsenic and hydrogen chloride. Prolonged inhalation of these gases can lead to poisoning the main signs of which are headache, nausea, weakness and cough. Plus, evaporating during battery charging, hydrogen in combination with airborne oxygen represents an explosive mixture. If the room is small and poorly ventilated, one spark to ignite the air cocktail. Therefore, when charging of battery is strictly forbidden to smoke and use open fire!

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