How to extend the life of your car battery. To the battery for a long time

One of the main causes of premature failure of battery is a violation of the rules of its operation. As a result car battery does not hold up to half of the period stated by the manufacturer.

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One of the main causes of premature failure of battery is a violation of the rules of its operation. As a result the car battery does not hold up to half of the period stated by the manufacturer.

Cleanliness – pledge not only health, but also long battery life

Very often, the battery looks like this: the side walls are smeared with dirt and machine oil, on the top panel – dust and puddles of water or electrolyte. All this leads to the contact closure, involuntary discharge capacity, and even to a complete failure of the battery. Conclusion – battery outside should be dry and clean, and the terminals and the conclusions of the poles should be lubricated with vaseline or other thick grease neutral.

Electrolyte: the level and the density values subjected to continuous monitoring

Over time the electrolyte level will inevitably fall due to the evaporation of water, to the included. Let's look at the battery banks. If the battery case is translucent, the electrolyte level visually determined – between the marks "min" and "max". For batteries with non-transparent casings insert the glass tube into the hole until it stops banks in safety net and, holding the top of the tube with your finger, take out the tube. The recommended electrolyte level should be 10-15 mm. If the electrolyte level is below normal, add distilled into the battery Bank (in any case not water!) water. At the same time check the transparency of the electrolyte. Dirty-brown color indicates the shedding of the active mass of the plates, which is not good. And be sure to measure the density. Insert the hydrometer into the opening banks up to the stop in a safety grid and drawn using a pear such an amount of electrolyte that has emerged as a float hydrometer. The electrolyte density should be 1.28 g/cm3 for moderate climate at an electrolyte temperature of 20°C. If the density specified below or differs in banks more than on 0,02 g/sm3, it is necessary to recharge the battery.

Overcharging and incomplete charging – two dangerous extremes

The battery recharge occurs as a result of a malfunction of car electronics, in particular, the relay-regulator. In this case, the battery overheats, the electrolyte is "boiling", its level falls, the plate "naked". The result is the destruction of the grid plus plates and intense shattering them with active mass, which is equivalent to the death of the battery. Incomplete charging of the battery basically happens because of a loose alternator belt, faulty generator or excessive load on vehicle's electrical system vehicle power source (usually in winter). As a consequence of sulphation of the plates. In severe cases, there is a change in the polarity of individual cans of the battery.

start the engine: let's fanaticism

Do not force the battery by the starter. The starter should be short — no more than 10 seconds. And the intervals between unsuccessful start attempts should be at least minutes. If even after 4-5 attempts the engine does not start, it is not necessary to Deplete the battery more reasonable solution would be checking the fuel system and ignition system.

security Measures

Don't forget that during measurement, the density of the electrolyte with a hydrometer you are dealing with a very corrosive medium, sulfuric acid. When it gets on clothing last come into disrepair, and in contact with the skin you get a chemical burn. It will be worse if the acid gets into the eyes. Therefore, the measurement of the density of the electrolyte it is necessary to perform in working clothes, gloves and goggles. Before working on the electrical system of the vehicle always remove rings, bracelets and watches. Even if you disconnected the battery might capacitive discharge, if the power clip component is accidentally shorted with a metal object. This can cause shock or severe burns.

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