How to install a contactless ignition system. Setting BSZ

If you're reading this, then question the advantages of contactless ignition system before contact is solved for you. BSZ installed on the VAZ "classics".

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In the automobile as you can buy ready set contactless ignition system and purchase its components. In the second case buy:Contactless breaker-distributor ignition (for engines with a capacity of 1.5 litre 038.3706 long shaft for engine volume of 1,3 l — 038.3706-01 short shaft). In no case do not buy a distributor for "the Harvest" (3810.3706 or 038.3706-10) is a vacuum regulator and a centrifugal mechanism significantly different characteristics from the "classics". Ignition coil 27.3705 The switch 36.3734 or 3620.3734 Wiring harness for BSZ Spark plug type А17ДВР with a gap of 0,7-0,8 mm High voltage Protocol recommend purchasing the device for instant diagnosis type (MD-1) and emergency ignition (AZ-1) or a hybrid variant. They will be your assistants in many difficult situations.

Dismantling the old ignition system

Disconnect the wires from the ignition coil, necessarily remembering or writing down the order of connection of wires to the contacts of the coil. Unscrew two nuts of fastening and removable coil Remove from the breaker-the distributor cap with HV wires. By the starter or by hand cranking the crankshaft of the engine so that the "slider" on the distributor was located perpendicular to the axis of the vehicle and indicated on a 1 cylinder engine. On the engine block, the mounting location of circuit breaker, draw a mark across the middle of the features (there are 5) the body of the distributor. Unscrew mounting nut and remove the breaker from the distributor, trying not to lose paronite gasket

Set contactless ignition system

On the left side member, near the washer fluid reservoir windshield drill two holes and fasten the screws switch. The mounting must be reliable to ensure full contact of the heat sink of the switch with the car body Remove the new distributor cap and rotating the shaft of the breaker-the distributor, install the distributor so that the slider is perpendicular to the axis of the car and pointed to the 1st cylinder of the engine, and the average mark on the body of the breaker coincides with the previously drawn marking on the cylinder block. Record breaker-distributor nut on the engine block Install the ignition coil. If the location of the contact pins on the new coil is different from the old one, relax the clamp on bracket new coils, do the coil in 1800, and again tighten the clamp Wrap in cylinder head new spark by checking that the gap between the electrodes was 0.7-0.8 mm Put the cap back on the distributor Plug high-voltage wires BSZ wiring harness plug to the switch and the distributor. Separately running the black wire mounted to the switch mounting to the vehicle body, the brown wire is attached to the contact "K" and the blue wire to the contact "B" of ignition coil Attention! There are times when due to some reason the blue and brown wires from the wiring harness or have a totally different color or reversed. So if after installing BSZ the engine does not start, is to swap the wires from the harness going to the coil. In no case do not change the order of connect regular wires to the ignition coil!The diagnostic devices check the serviceability of the nodes contactless ignition system We start the engine. If components and parts "e" is serviceable, and the ignition timing when replacing the old contact breaker distributor to a new contactless was not violated, the engine starts with half a turn.If the engine does not start, set the ignition timing or the "classic method", or using the device "MD-1", and then check it while driving.

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