The resident of Kharkov took hostage of his parents, threatening them with an ax

The incident occurred on the night of 2 January.

2017-01-03 13:07:07 37


On the website of the law enforcement bodies of the city of Kharkov in Facebook there was a message that in the night of 2 3 January 30-the summer local resident was taken hostage by their own parents. The police said that they received a signal that in one of house apartments on street Grain, heard the shots and screams. Arrived at the scene, police learned that the man, being in an alcohol intoxication, has decided to take hostage of his own father and mother, threatening them with an axe. In order to save people, one of the officers climbed up the gas pipe to the second floor, which was located at the apartment, to divert the attention of the attacker. At this time, the pair were being held hostage, was able to open the door, bringing their crazed son was arrested.

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