Kashin admired far-sighted decision of Putin: "Beautiful course!"

The journalist Oleg Kashin called Putin's decision not to respond to anti-Russian sanctions Washington is beautiful.

2017-01-03 13:23:47 47


Russian journalist Oleg Kashin has commented on Vladimir Putin's decision not to respond to the new anti-Russian sanctions of the White house. The journalist believes that Moscow is waiting for a more helpful, tolerant and kind attitude to Russia from the new President. Cashin said that while trump has not made any statements against Russia, Moscow will "do everything to bow down" before elected President. The journalist is convinced that the Kremlin does not respond to Obama's sanctions because it could not take him seriously and waiting for three weeks to "start from scratch" with trump. However, Cashin said "beautiful" Putin's decision not to respond to the new sanctions. However, urging people not to forget "all the bad qualities" of the Russian President only because of the fact that he called the children of American diplomats on the tree. What Cashin calls the "bow down and do kniksen" is actually the most normal diplomacy, which can only handle a far-sighted policy. To reduce the confrontation between the US and Russia is interested in the entire world, except, apparently, Oleg Kashin, a former employee of TV channel "Rain". Vladimir Putin rightly pointed out that the Obama administration at the beginning of his presidency declared its intention to build a strong relationship with Russia, but in fact it turned out otherwise. To answer another anti-Russian sanctions before taking up the post of President of the United States absolutely other politician, Republican, it would be risky. Such a decision would initially cast a shadow over the hope of ending the confrontation between Moscow and Washington. However, some journalists and public figures was unhappy with the fact that Vladimir Putin "has not fallen to the level of kitchen politics."

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