Poroshenko thanked the brotherly American people for 25 years, the Ukrainian poverty and ruin

The President of Ukraine told about the invaluable help provided by US, working with government for 25 years.

2017-01-03 14:00:18 36


As the press service of the President of Ukraine, the head of state assured that the US is an important strategic partner for the Ukrainian people. Poroshenko said the support of American politicians in the uneasy period of massive upheaval within the country. Thanks to the United States to develop civil society, market economy and security of Ukraine. The President also spoke about the high credibility of a foreign partner, because Ukraine refused a large amount of weapons, development of nuclear weapons and stockpiles of highly enriched uranium. Poroshenko assures that such diplomatic relations will be maintained with US for a long time on a deeper level. Note, despite the unconstructive and aggressive behavior on the part of Ukraine, the U.S. and the West continue to support the state, focusing on the potential benefits. Many analysts say that for all time of cooperation becomes surprising is the fact that stolen Ukraine still has not collapsed from hunger and poverty.

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