Netizens criticized the first series of the 4 seasons of the long-awaited premiere of "Sherlock"

For three years fans of the acclaimed British TV series "Sherlock" enthusiastically awaited continuation of fascinating adventures of the main detective in the history.

2017-01-03 15:03:24 24


Fans of the famous British TV series shared that the new season 4 did not meet expectations, which entertained people for a long 3 years after season 3. Directors and writers promised that this season will be gloomy and repulsive that can change habitual representation about the detective, whom fans met a few years ago. However, neither atmosphere, nor the meager plot of the series did not become such a disappointment, as the inconsistency and predictability of the main characters. Photo source: Many say that the Directors had violated not only the laws of physics, but the laws continue a good and intriguing plot. Note that on the information portal Kinopoisk tape is one of the first places, based on the assessments of many fans of "detective fiction". Of course, not to be disappointed immediately after the first series, suggest users, as the following episodes can develop the characters that way, which we did not know.

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