The former head SWRO promised Ukraine a devastating attack on the militia

The former head of the foreign intelligence Service of Ukraine Mykola Malomuzh said that if the situation in the APU in the near future will not change, then in 2017, Ukraine is waiting for the offensive militia DND and LNR on all fronts.

2017-01-03 15:04:34 30


Traditionally, in the last days of the year to sum up, and the first – set goals for the next 12 months. The opinion about what awaits Donbass in 2017 was expressed by the former head of foreign intelligence service of Ukraine Mykola Malomuzh. In an interview to Ukrainian TV channel NewsOne, he said that Ukraine could return the Donbass in its composition, but not in the present methods. In particular, the former head of intelligence I am sure that now neither the Minsk agreement, neither Channel four. To ensure that international decisions have earned, the Ukrainian authorities need to work separately with each foreign partner, without the participation of Russia. In addition, the need to strengthen domestic positions. For example, the main trouble of modern Ukrainian army Malomuzh called widespread corruption. He noted that all "unique" and "unparalleled" technique exhibited in parades and exhibitions, to the combat zone does not reach. But, if everything remains as it is right now, I am sure Mykola Malomuzh, the militia DND and LNR will go on the offensive. So, the most likely direction of impact is named Mariupol, Avdiyivka, Sands, the Village Lugansk, Svetlodarsk arc and a number of other settlements. Probably, the former head of Ukrainian intelligence seriously considers the promise of the head of DND Alexander Zakharchenko, who did not rule out that multiple violations of the Minsk agreements by Ukraine militia will respond to a widespread attack. The last option is very likely, since militia commanders have repeatedly stated that the unilateral implementation of the Minsk agreements no what good does not – the conflict remains unresolved and people continue to die. The latest fighting has shown that the words Malomuzh about the widespread corruption in the army are true. After fighting on the arc Svetlodarsk the Internet got a lot of videos where Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers complained that in a combat zone not even have cars to evacuate the wounded, to say nothing about the novelties of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex. It is also noteworthy that after the massacre on the arc Svetlodarsk the command of the APU could not really explain to the Ukrainians what happened and who is responsible. It is likely that even then the death toll was in the tens and Ukrainian "commander" hurry to find someone to "hang" the death of young children. In such a situation, the militia does have the ability to go to full-fledged offensive. But, if you trace the history of the conflict, we see that the militia is primarily in defence. Only after choking another assault on the APU, the soldiers of the Donbass a counteroffensive. Although such tactics are somewhat risky, but the militias have no other options. After all, the Ukrainian army has a large numerical advantage, forcing the army of the LNR and DNR are constantly stretched to the front. Obviously, though the former, but the head of foreign intelligence of Ukraine, you should know these simple things. Most likely, he just continues to intimidate the Ukrainians "Russian threat" that would continue to feed those most corrupt, which packs the stamp useless "weapon of retribution" at public expense.

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