Two foreigners detained at the Istanbul airport due to the terrorist attack in a nightclub

At the airport in Istanbul was detained foreigners suspected of terrorist attack in a nightclub.

2017-01-03 15:25:34 27


According to the news portal RIA Novosti with reference to the Agency at the airport of Istanbul law enforcement officials had arrested two foreigners who are suspected of involvement in terrorist activities in the night club. It is established that at the time of the attack, the building was a Russian woman, who died as a result of actions of the malefactor. The name of the dead girl, it was reported on the official website of the Russian Embassy in Twitter. Earlier, Turkish authorities detained 14 people who were suspected in the attack. Additional information is not currently available, however, it is known that the responsibility for what happened took on one of the groups of the "Islamic state"*. * — Organization recognized as terrorist and banned in Russia by the Supreme court.

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