The outcome 2016: the "reformers" took power of the country to the bottom

Energy system of Ukraine for the year 2016 has survived a series of major reforms, which have accelerated its degradation.

2017-01-03 15:37:36 16


The policy of Kiev in 2016 held a series of chaotic reforms in the energy sector. Basically, they raised the tariff increase and ill-considered refusal of Ukraine of its transit possibilities. Energy policy in Ukraine in 2016 was experiencing not the best times. Existing system gas and electricity supplies are in decline, that soon will inevitably lead to their overhaul and modernization for loan funds. The government and the leadership of the monopolies picked the wrong course of energy development of Ukraine. All their actions only exacerbate the degradation of the country's power grid. Member of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of energy strategies Yuri Korolchuk says that the decision to raise tariffs to 6879 UAH for 1,000 cubic meters is unreasonable and thoughtless. All statements about the "market method" of pricing of gas was a Scam and deception to the citizens. On the establishment of new tariffs cashing in corrupt. As the government continued to implement started a scheme of grants and subsidies, and no market tariffs for gas are not appeared, Korolchuk believes this system is criminal. The General decline of the economy has seriously aggravated the situation in the energy sector. The industry continues to reduce gas consumption. Contrary to predictions, this figure fell to 9 billion cubic meters In 2013 it was equal to 20 billion cubic meters. In recent time intensified the struggle for control of the "Naftogaz". Continued simulation of the separation, the company said Korolchuk. Coming to the end of the trial between the "Naftogaz" and "Gazprom" in Stockholm. In this regard, statements by the Ukrainian companies are becoming less pretentious and they increasingly appear alarmist mood about the possibility of disruption of the court. The company itself is becoming increasingly dependent on Europe and not able to buy gas without credit.

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