Hyundai and KIA has announced its plans for 2017

Automakers from South Korea's Hyundai and KIA have shared the plans for 2017.

2017-01-03 15:37:43 30


Representatives of the South Korean car companies Hyundai and KIA told about the plans of manufacturers to new 2017. The information was published on the official websites of the companies. According to these data, the concern Hyundai plans to sell at least 5 million cars within four quarters. At the same time, KIA says about the plans for the implementation of 3.17 million vehicles. According to some experts, these values are unlikely to be achieved, given the last few years, during which the producers never did. Representatives of the companies explain this situation by the fact that in developing countries, which are the main markets, recent years have seen a downturn in the economy, which is reflected in the sales of machinery brands.

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