How to seal car camera. Repair automotive camera

I admit, the inner tube need to glue in the tire. But if the wheel is punched out of town, a tire or a HUNDRED far away, and no spare wheel?

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search the location of puncture

In any suitable container, pour water. Inflate a punctured air chamber. Immerse the camera in water and turning the camera to "scan" it for air bubbles. If there is no water and no tank is also pumped with the camera harder. If you listen carefully, you can determine the puncture site on the thin whistling. Mark the puncture site, wipe and dry the camera.

preparing the camera and fixes

Degrease with what is available: gasoline, acetone, alcohol, vodka. And degrease both the puncture site and a future patch. A patch cut from an old inner tube or take one from the repair kit cameras. The patch should be round or oval in shape and hang over the edge a puncture about 15 mm. Now in a circular motion with sandpaper sanded surfaces.

Sticking the camera

Apply a thin layer of glue (suitable for "Point" or "globe") on degreased and dressed seats and wait one to three minutes (depends on the viscosity of the adhesive). Press the patch to the camera. Place the camera on a flat surface, glued a patch up and the hammer is cracking down on the patch from its center to the edges. For reliable adhesive enough to hammer 2-3 times along an imaginary spiral with centre in the middle of the patch. The camera is sealed. Insert the camera, barthroom wheel, pump up and rush to the nearest point of the tire. But you can not rush — from the author after such repair the camera flawlessly has served more than two years. In this way, besides the camera, you can stick a patch on a leaky rubber boots.

two ways to seal the inner tube

Automotive sealant can be quite tolerable to seal the punctured cell. Apply sealant to the puncture site and carefully RUB it on the camera. Sealant top-fix strips of PVC electrical tape. From car kits to get medical adhesive tape. Cut patches of three sizes: 2 cm, 3 cm and 4 cm in diameter. At the puncture site stick the first patch, the smallest. For her – medium and then the large.After such a cheap and easy repair camera lot you are not run over, but a couple of hundred kilometers to one HUNDRED, tire or garage, which is the tilt wheel, you are guaranteed to pass.

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