The defence industry of Ukraine will start the production of weapons of NATO on its territory

Defense company of Ukraine signed a contract with the American company on manufacture of American rifles on their territory.

2017-01-03 16:24:37 54


Representatives of the Ukrainian enterprise "ukroboronservis" reported that the contract with the American company Aeroscraft production of small arms to NATO standards in the Ukrainian plant. The details of the agreement are being kept secret, but, according to Ukrainian media, the first trade can go the M16 rifle. The head of "Ukroboronservis" Sergei Mikityuk in an interview said that the first weapons that will be manufactured on a pilot project in Ukraine will become automatic M16 WAC47. He also noted that the production of weapons according to NATO standards is an important part of the development of Ukrainian defense industry. It is not known whether the new weapons used in the conflict in the Donbass. Previously, Western countries have only limited supplies of non-lethal weapons, which, however, is not too satisfied with the Ukrainian military in terms of quality.

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