Reputable scientist have predicted that the Earth will be destroyed

Respected scientist David Mead made a sensational statement about the destruction of planet Earth.

2017-01-03 17:12:56 28


Renowned scientist David Mead made the statement that the Earth will be completely destroyed in October of this year. The cause of death will be a collision with another planet. His opinion of the scientist told in "Planet X: The 2017 Arrival", published in September of last year. In the Annex to the work of the foreign Ministry said that it is already possible to observe all the signs of the destruction of the Earth, but they are kept secret from the public intentionally. Proving his point, the scientist gives the statistics of earthquakes on the planet, emphasizing that in the last few years, their intensity and number increased significantly. According to calculations of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, in September this year, "planet X" will pass through sozvedie Virgo. In early October, it will completely cover the Sun. Scientists believe that the global elite knows about the dangers in advance and building bunkers in case of doomsday. This theory also supports Robert Vicino involved in the arrangement of the emergency bunkers. In turn, the "planet X", or "picking up" (as it is called), was supposed to destroy planet Earth in December 2015. NASA has repeatedly criticized the assumption of the existence of a planet that was not known previously.

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