How to Hotwire a car

If the vehicle key is lost, start the car without key is not as difficult as it seems — ways to start the engine without a key there are plenty.

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All the following methods of starting of engine without key of ignition were checked for VAZ "classics".

Disable the lock of the steering wheel

The ignition lock is, of course, will suffer. But there is no other way. Rotate the wheel half a turn left or right until you hear a click lock. Pokazyvaem the wheel left and right. There is a slight backlash? And, due to the peculiarities of the design, can not be. Attach the wheel to the left until it stops and that there are forces pulling the wheel sharply to the right. Left-handers can perform this procedure in reverse. The first attempt will not always. But from fifth to sixth when sports rage will obtain the lock with a crash break off and the wheel unlocks.

Start the engine. Method one

Open the hood. A piece of wire connect wire connect the distributor with the positive terminal of the battery. The ignition is on. The second piece of wire (preferably thicker) briefly connect the small terminal on the starter with the positive terminal of the battery.1 — locking rod (lock); 2 — the case of the lock of ignition; 3 — roller; 4 — pin disk; 5 — pin bushing; 6 — kolodka;

How to start the engine without a key. The second way

Bend down and look under the steering wheel. Remove all the wires to the contact pins of the ignition switch, reduce them to a pile. This will start and ignition, and headlights, and starter. The method of "scientific spear" find the starter wire (usually the thickest). Necessary wires except the wires from the starter being short-circuited among themselves. The ignition is switched on. Momentarily touch the wires from the starter to the group of other wires run the motor.

Run the engine without a key. Method three

Unscrew screws of fastening of a decorative casing of the steering column. Remove the cover. Bend down under the steering wheel. A thin screwdriver or awl extracted the lock ring of the contact group of the lock of ignition (describe this procedure for those who never saw the back side of the ignition is very problematic). The castle itself with a set of secrets remains in the housing of the steering column and the contact group, together with the wires connected to it drops us right in the hands. With a screwdriver turn the movable roller with the slot in the same direction and the same way it did turn (before you lose) the key in the ignition.All of the above ways to Hotwire a car were checked personally by the author on a Zhiguli "classics". Before the above-described method to have a foreign car, we strongly recommend you to look through the criminal code.

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