The future of the Russian aircraft engines PD-14 — key to success

General Director of "Helicopters of Russia" told about the priorities of aviation.

2017-01-03 17:32:37 67


Deputy head of the Ministry of industry and trade Andrey Boginsky 2017 moves to the position of General Director of "Helicopters of Russia". In an interview with RNS, he spoke about the development of the aviation industry and the priorities of the helicopter. Boginsky said that the priority projects selected Sukhoi Superjet 100 and MS-21. Among the helicopters — Mi-38 and Ka-62. For the first already obtained the basic certificate. On the second continued. It is expected the first full flight as hovering already. However, from the production of one of the helicopters had to be abandoned. We are talking about a promising high-speed machine, the draft of which was revised, said Boginsky. Because of this, his government funding was stopped. Priority in engine is the production of engines PD-14 for civil aviation. Already completed the first phase of flight tests. Work is also underway to build the engine PD-35 high thrust, which will be installed on wide-bodied aircraft. Among other things, Boginsky said that in the field of instrumentation is working on the creation of Aviapribor and assemblies that will meet international standards. In the future it is planned to certify not only by Russian but also by foreign standards. Also the state programme for the development of the aviation industry involves working in the field of aviation science and small aircraft. The center is defined SibNIA because it has a design office and testing facility. The specialists of this centre are working on the creation of small aircraft for civil aviation. It will be used on domestic routes and accommodate 9 to 19 passengers. Last year on Max was demonstrated for the composite wing on the basis of An-2. It has excellent flight characteristics, which is a credit to the designers of SibNIA.

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