A few facts, makes one believe in astrology

Astrology is one of the most enigmatic and contradictory practices in which few believe. But there are facts confirming its truthfulness.

2017-01-03 17:38:24 19


Most people today do not believe in astrology, considering it a fiction or a figment of the imagination of the author. Some also claim that astrology is nothing more than self-hypnosis. However, there are facts that make you think even hardened nihilists. Adherents of astrology as proof that fact that people born in the same time is often like two drops of water similar. These astral coincidences occur quite often. For example, a case where two men from Toronto, born in one day, married women of the same sign of the Zodiac and drove the same make of car. In addition, they had a total of about 10 matches. In astrology there is the concept of "threat Tuesday" – a day which was considered to be controlled by Mars – the planet carrier of negative energy. If you look into what days of the week occurred a terrible historical events like the September 11 attacks, doubts the veracity of the notion disappear by themselves. Nostradamus engaged in predictions by astrology, described the many events that took place many centuries later. There are other examples that prove that astrology is based on real laws. However, believe it or not, everyone decides for himself.

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