Russian aviation has ensured the success of the Turkish special forces in al-Baba

The pilots of Russian air force made a decisive contribution to the assault on al-Baba troops of Turkey. Thanks to the precision strikes of our aviation, the Turkish forces managed to take the Western suburbs, where previously they suffered a crushing defeat.

2017-01-03 17:45:01 27


The online news site Al-Masdar News reported that today, January 3, strength of Russian air force carried out pinpoint strikes on militant fortifications of ISIS* in the province of Aleppo. Missile strikes were subjected to the positions of jihadists near the town of al-Bab, where their counter-terrorism special operation conducted by the Turkish army. Thus, Russia continues to conduct joint operations with Turkish troops, despite pre-existing differences. Moreover, the air strikes on militants of al-Bab is already systematic. So, January 2, Turkish media has published a video with the results of the joint work of the military aviation of Russia and Turkey. It is reported that due to the present of Russian air force strikes Turkish special forces were able to repulse the rebels near the hospital al-Faruq, located to the West of al-Bab and the adjacent district of Jabal Akvil. It is noteworthy that this is where the Turkish army suffered devastating losses during one of the first attempts to storm the city. During the failed assault had lost dozens of soldiers and destroyed tanks "Leopard", which became a sensation. Loss account of the so-called turkaslan, Pro-Turkish, Syrian groups, and was not conducted. Photo: Currently, the Turkish special forces to fixed positions and prepares a springboard for the main offensive on al-Bab. It is obvious that the intervention of the Russian aviation in the assault on al-Baba went to the Turkish army for the benefit and we hope that in the future this success will develop into full-fledged liberation of the city without significant losses.

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