How to open car without a key. Several ways to open the car

Car door locked, and the key is either inside the machine or in a country of lost things. Don't panic — the car door can be opened without the key.

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the First way to open car without a key

On the driver's door gently heave rubber window seal on the lock side. This will fit: small screwdriver, nail file, a small piece of wire in General, any thing, which the seal to pry it open. Take out sealing of glass, but not all, it will be enough and three or four inches of the operational space. As the opening tool you can use stiff wire, knitting needle, clothes hanger wire, welding electrode At the end of the wire bend a hook at the angle of 450 and a length of about 2 cm. In the opening between the door and the glass vertically winding the wire hook down. After the wire rests in the castle performed by "bypass the lock": the search mechanism of opening without weakening the pressure, displace the left hook, after the hook to "fail" down, set it to the right. Look for the locking mechanism of the lock and hooking the trigger for the craving mechanism to open the lock.

Open car without a key. The second way

At the end of the wire bend a hook sort of radius of about 1-2 cm. Between the gasket and the glass near the door handle vertically insert the wire hook down. In some cases you may need to pull the edge of the rubber gasket of the glass near the door lock. Look for the hook and catch door pull, which is a button for door lock. Pull the wire rod up to the long-awaited click.

Opening the car door without a key. Method three

Turn down the top corner of the door. You can bend the corner of the door, carefully hammering in between the counter and the door (by hand, not a hammer!) a wooden wedge. You can also Flex the two door kitchen wooden blades alternately sticking it in the door slot. In a pinch you can use a screwdriver or small pry bar. Most importantly, do not forget to enclose under the shoulder blade or pry the fabric to avoid scratching the paint. Instead of tissue can stick to the surface of the body strip of electrical tape. At the end of the wire piece is folded around the hook. Winding the wire through the formed after folding door clearance inside the interior of the car. A hook at the end of the wire touches the lever, which opens the door from the inside. Pull the wire – the door opened. If the car has electric steklopokety, you can press the end of the wire to the button of lowering of glass.

the Fourth way to open the car

In the middle of thin strong rope tie a loop about the size of an internal door lock button. Take hands to the cord at opposite ends and stretch it. Through the upper corner of the door gets the string inside the cabin, doing the hand movements from left to right. If the clearance between the door and the bar car does not allow the rope to pass inside, you should use it instead of twine or fold the top corner of the door as described previously. Continuing to move the rope in different directions, put the loop on the door lock button. Pull both ends of cord up and lock button otsenivaet castle. In some cases it is convenient to tie the noose when the rope or twine already wound inside the cabin.

the Fifth way to open the door

Using this method, if you open the door of the car failed and you need to go desperately. A hammer, a piece of metal pipe or a tire iron to smash the side window on right rear door, remove the rests of the glass, insert the hand and open the lock door. If along with the key to the lock of the door and lost the key from the ignition switch, you will still start the car without the ignition key.A few words for those who decide to accuse us of writing a guide to hacking other people's cars. Dear friends! For stealing someone else's car need no more than a couple of minutes. All described methods require a considerable investment of time.

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