Disclosed the true cause of McCain's visit to the Baltic States, Ukraine and Georgia

Politicians Danuk Nikita and Andrey manoylo revealed the reasons of the visit of senators McCain and Eastern Europe.

2017-01-03 18:33:01 30


Recently it became known that the delegation of us senators led by John McCain went on a trip to Eastern Europe. Politicians are going to visit Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Ukraine and Georgia. The main purpose of the tour of Congress is the discussion of NATO enlargement in Eastern Europe. Politicians Danuk Nikita and Andrey manoylo revealed the reasons of the visit of senators McCain and Eastern Europe. Tour of a delegation of US politicians is an attempt to close ties with the leaders of Eastern European countries at the Congress. Because of the policies of these countries are concerned with trump's arrival to power and the expectation of changes in Russian-American congressmen decided to pay a personal visit, said a member of the Scientific Council under the security Council of the Russian Federation Andrey manoylo. He noted that trump has the frondeurs in the Republican party, in the house of representatives. They are now hoping to show the world that the US President is not omnipotent and is only part of a huge system. Deputy Director of the Institute for strategic studies and forecasts of PFUR Nikita Danik noted that people who benefits from the escalation of anti-Russian hysteria. They constantly talked about the "Russian threat", hoping to intimidate the leaders of the countries of Eastern Europe. Danik noted that McCain, known for his anti-Russian statements, refers to the wing of the Republican hawks. Nikita Danuk also recalled that during the Maidan McCain repeatedly came to Kiev. Cooperation with US is advantageous for Eastern Europe because they can rely on the military presence of the Alliance, allowing them to put pressure on Russia with the help of information attacks. As the new American President will review the Obama administration's policy towards Russia, the senators are going to give instructions about the actions during the presidency, trump, the analyst believes. He called it "comparing notes" and noted that thus, Congress confirmed the importance of this region for Washington. The senators expect to get a guarantee from these countries. Danik added that the countries of Eastern Europe, especially the Baltic States, have always been the most active anti-Russian lobbyists and associated with Western elites. They use the "Russian threat", to get more subsidies and to place the military contingent of NATO on their territories.

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