"Jaguar" against "Tarantula": the last fight of the Soviet Navy

In may 1990, the Soviet ships in the Red sea has faced with pirates armed not leaky fishing boats, but the real battle of the torpedo boats of the German production.

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By 1990 the Soviet Union was already weakened by the weight of the "perestroika" reforms that swept virtually all the state structures. Despite this, the Soviet army and Navy continued to maintain peace in all parts of the world. One such God the forgotten places was base on the island Nokra, in the Red sea. There were serving warships of the black sea fleet, which was protecting civilian ships from Somali pirates and the Eritrean "rebels" supported by the Somalis. Despite the fact that the pirate fleet consisted of converted fishing posudin, and sometimes even outright samodel, Somalis and Eritreans regularly tried to attack even protected convoys. The latter is particularly emboldened when the Arab States gave them two dozen of these combat boats. Presumably, the fleet consisted of converted German torpedo boats of the project "Jaguar", although there were other court. For the first time the Soviet Navy was faced with a new pirate fleet 14 may 1990. Then the trawler "Scout" covers a civilian ship and one came against four "Jaguars". Despite the numerical advantage the Eritreans were defeated, losing one of their ships. Two weeks later, on may 27, in such a situation were gunboat "AK-312" project 205P "tarantula". Leaving the base early in the morning "AK-312" was supposed to deliver on a hospital ship a group of sailors who had further to go to Sevastopol. The boat project "Tarantula". Photo: vk.com Pass had only 180 kilometers, but half way there they were met by four Eritrean boats, ordered the Soviet boat to surrender. However, the captain of the boat Nicholas White did not pay attention to the obvious numerical and fire superiority of the enemy and decided to fight our way out. Everything was in favor of the enemy. Jaguars were armed with two 40 mm guns and 4 torpedo tubes 533 mm. in addition, enterprising "rebels" have installed on their vessels and other improvised weapons. Boats of the project "tarantula" was equipped with two coaxial 30-mm launchers, AK-230, 4 torpedo tubes 400 mm. And, in some cases, these boats were mounted depth charges. Assessing the position of the enemies, White gave the order for full speed to slip through ravnomerno block the path of enemies. The pirates had opened fire first, but quickly realized that it can get to each other. Then they gave chase. Overloaded demobilized sailors of the Soviet boat could not use the advantage of speed. Then Lieutenant White took a non-standard solution. He gave a command to set on depth charges minimal latency and drop them into the water. The calculation of the young officer was right. Literally the first explosion threw one of the "Jaguars" and the multi-ton machine turned over, then quickly sank. The "rebels" with the rest of the boat obviously did not expect this turn of events and quickly stopped the pursuit, figuring out what went wrong in their "brilliant" plan. The boat project "Jaguar". Photo: moremhod.ru Meanwhile, "AK-312" safely brought sailors to the rendezvous point. But this adventure of his heroic crew was not over. Returning back to base Soviet boat came again to Eritreans. It was all the same court, with whom White had previously experienced. This time the "AK-312" was light and was ready to fight. Despite the numerical advantage of the Soviet materniki give the enemy battle. Less than five of the battle the enemy was defeated. One Jaguar was burning, struck by a devastating volley of Soviet artillery systems. The second received serious injuries and was trying to reach the shore, but, as it turned out, sank. To her managed to run away, tail between his legs, only one of the "Jaguar". At the same time, the heroic "tarantula" did not suffer losses at all. Moreover. It was not found any damage. For bravery and professionalism of the crew of the "AK-312" was awarded orders and medals, and Nicholas White, by the decree of the Commander of the Navy also got early to the rank of captain 3rd rank. After the battle the pirates for a long time there was no desire to attack Soviet ships and to the collapse of the Soviet Union the heroic boat was no longer attacked, although from late 1989 to may 1990, "AK-312" was committed 12 attacks.

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