Militant Ukrainian chaplain Medina uncovered a recipe for "collapse of Russia"

Ukrainian priest calls upon the whole world to destroy Russia.

2017-01-03 19:48:08 23


The priest of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, chaplain Nicholas Medinsky said that Russia is a chess Board, each square of which is a conquered territory and captured the people. The priest added that the Russians kept together because of the media and fear. In addition, Medina said that "no Empire can not be eternal and the aggressor to be resisted to get out of his power." According to the priest, the whole world must make efforts to overcome the "evil Empire." He is convinced that this can be done when "captured Nations" will cease to want to exist as a "hostel". However, Medina added that a few years have to fight. The priest added that the Ukrainians should become a single monolith, which is necessary to "sow the word and to feed it with blood." Medina is convinced that "the ascension to glory of" the Ukrainian state is not far off. Anti-Russian hysteria in Ukraine continues to grow stronger. She does not shy away from neither politicians nor journalists and clerics, who, disregarding all the precepts are called to "feed the floor with blood." Despite his Church work, the chaplain allows such political accusations, calling for war and the collapse of Russia.

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