The Depositary is the grave: the Czech Republic has exhumed the remains of the writer Oleksandr Oles

The exhumation of the remains of Alexander Oles was held at a cemetery in Prague.

2017-01-03 19:58:43 26


As the representative of the Ukrainian Embassy in the Czech Republic Tatiana Golubovich this morning in a cemetery in Prague was the forced exhumation of the remains of the famous Ukrainian writer Oleksandr Oles. The reason for this decision was the funeral of Vladimir Myhaylishyna, a native of Ukraine and Czech citizen, who for many years have voluntarily paid the mandatory fees for the burial and took care of her. Under Czech law, after the burial you need to pay for the rent of the grave — 20 thousand CZK (approximately $ 800) for 10 years. Thus, the rights to the cemetery plots came to him. After the death of Vladimir Myhaylishyna his son expressed a desire to be buried in the grave of his father, which took the exhumation of the remains of the writer Oleksandr Oles. Golubovic told that the father Myhaylishyn also paid another place in the cemetery, as I didn't want to disturb the ashes of the writer. However, they failed to talk to his son to avoid this procedure. Currently, the exhumation process is completed and the remains of Alexander Oles are stored in the Depository, where they await the final verdict on their fate, which will decide his descendants, now living in Canada.

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