East — a delicate matter: Putin outright beat Obama in your style

Israeli journalist is sure that America will be extremely difficult to return the former glory and wipe out all of Russia's actions in the middle East.

2017-01-03 20:12:52 23


Journalist Eyal Zisser on the website Israel Hayom writes that during the change of government in the United States in the middle East are preparing "welcome new master." According to the journalist, it is not about Donald trump, the 45th elected President of the United States, and about Vladimir Putin. As the author notes, that the Russian leader was able to "use the mistakes and failures of the Obama administration, as well as to take the place of USA as a major power in the middle East." The journalist also reports that in the last week there were two very bright and significant event, which once again confirmed that Russia currently is a new partner in the region, which is not only responsible, but also behaves like a "senior rank". In turn, the United States remains out of work and behave "emotional, childish and pathetic". During the celebration of the New year the authorities of Russia managed to conclude a truce with most of the players in Syria. Among them are not only Turkey and Iran but also most of the rebels and the "Syrian regime". Eyal Zisser writes that during this time Russia was able to act "confident and resolute," and was ready "to exercise power and to use military force". However, the Americans chose not to. Thus, according to the author, Moscow in comparison with Washington remains "faithful to its allies and friends," and maybe "without a doubt and any settlements to protect them in the international arena and in the territory". The journalist also notes that Russia has managed to show not only its military power but also the ability to compromise. Moscow was able to negotiate with the enemy (Turkey and rebel groups), and demonstrated self restraint. Russia acted like a real power willing to defend its interests. Of course, as stressed Ziser, an agreement on the ceasefire is no guarantee of the end of the war, but still carries strategic importance in this direction. And in all this not involving the United States — Washington remained aloof. However, Turkey was the first ally of the us, gave his consent, feeling that it is better to rely on Putin than Obama. In the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Russia acted as against the Egypt — all the forces trying to save Washington from itself. At the time, the Minister of foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov said to the distressed Kerry that Russia is not going to participate in childish and mindless action that may hinder the peace between Israel and Palestine. Israeli journalist notes that its actions in the middle East, Russia once again showed his "maturity and responsibility". This is especially true of the moment when America fell out of the game. Russia is behaving "prudent, aware of the complexity of the situation and peculiarities of the region." Also the author points out that Putin was not involved in the conflict around the "cyberwar" between the US and Russia. It is obvious that the main goal that Obama was just "shooting in all directions" after the election results in the United States. In this way, Obama just tried to pull a trump administration in unnecessary confrontation against the Russian people. On January 20 the White house will be the new owner —Donald trump. He intends to correct the mistakes of Obama and again to reach for America's former greatness. However, according to Israeli journalist, Obama has done irreparable damage to their own country. The author of the article believes that to reverse the action taken by Putin during the "weakness of America," will be extremely difficult.

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