"Forgotten time": Chinese officer 40 years guarding the lost bunker

In China there were soldiers, almost half a century guarding a government bunker, which command accidentally forgot.

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The effects of wars often last for years and sometimes for decades. Often after fierce battles remain the so-called lost soldiers. It is the men who do not believe in the loss of the war, or they just "forgot" to report. And they led long and faithful to the oath many years waging war with the enemy, which no longer exists. Most often, this "phenomenon" met in the Pacific theater of world war II. In those years the Japanese have landed a small unit on uninhabited or sparsely populated Islands for protection. However, when the country signed the capitulation, not all units received the order to surrender, this led to the fact that hundreds of Japanese soldiers continued to live in the jungle, and often staged a real hunt for English speaking tourists. Photo: facebook.com There is such a forgotten soldier in Russia. During the First world war, the Russian garrison of the Osowiec fortress a few months fighting against the superior forces of the German army. When the fate of the fortress was almost solved, one of the surviving soldiers closed on the remaining military warehouse, and the entrance was blown up by sappers. Only nine years later the fighter was accidentally discovered during the repair, all this time he was sure that the war continues. Now your "forgotten time" and discovered in China. But the story of this soldier is very different from the rest – forget it not somewhere in the jungle and on the outskirts of a small town. Recently in one of the military offices of the province of Gajo asked 87-year-old man. He stated that the age no longer allows him to perform military duty and asked to find a replacement. However, the military had never heard about a soldier named Hae Venison, especially such a venerable age. Photo: facebook.com After much discussion it became clear that Venison for more than 40 years deals with the fact that guarding a military bunker. It turned out that in 1975 he was commissioned to oversee the construction of the shelter for the local authorities. Construction took place in secrecy, and on its completion all the documentation was destroyed. However, at this time died, Mao Zedong and the country began a massive reshuffle, in which all employees of the bunker was transferred to other posts. Just forgot he Vensure, which continued to follow the bunker, which was located under his house. The existence of underground facilities beneath did not suspect nor the officer's wife, nor his children. All this time Weisung was sure that the Motherland remembers about him. Photo: facebook.com When the military came to check their lost property, they found that the hopper is clean and fine. In this regard, it was decided to return the hopper to the balance of the army. 87-year-old the same time assigned a unique title and a "man of exemplary morality".

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