SBU threatened marine Le Pen to close the entrance to Ukraine the Crimea

The reason for such reaction of the SBU was the opinion of marine Le Pen about the Crimean referendum.

2017-01-03 20:43:11 25


In the leadership of the security Service of Ukraine is seriously considering the possibility to prohibit a candidate for the French presidency, marine Le Pen to ban entry to Ukrainian territory. The reason for such disfavor were her words during a performance on one of the French channels on status of Crimea Peninsula. During his speech, the leader of the French party "national front" told that he does not consider illegal the reunification of the Crimea with Russia. In its opinion, a referendum on determining the status of the Peninsula was absolutely legal and according to all international requirements, and therefore the result of the popular vote is not subject to appeal. These words caused an unprecedented response in the top of Ukraine, one of the responses which became possible ban on Ukrainian territory marine Le Pen. In the SBU did not exclude that will be taken "some measures". However, in this case to take such a decision only with the permission of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, as Le Pen is a citizen of a foreign state.

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