How to open a frozen car lock

After car wash in the cold or in the winter when frosts are replaced by thaw, moisture that gets inside the castle and turned to ice, can cause damage

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After washing the car in the cold or in the winter when frosts are replaced by thaw, moisture that gets inside the castle and turned to ice, can incapacitate him

Looking for unfrozen castle

Sometimes that water got in all the door locks of the vehicle, so it makes sense to check out the rest of the locks. It is likely that ice and they do not have to get into the car with a catastrophic lack of time, you will be able through another door or through the tailgate (for vehicles with a body type wagon).

Liquid for defrosting

Recommended in the cold season to keep on hand a special liquid for defrosting locks. Put on the spray nozzle a thin tube, inserted it into the keyhole, produced a few batches of spray and wait. After a couple of minutes of the special fluid will melt the ice and the lock will be unlocked. Similarly, you can use and spray with WD-40, but the fluid for defrosting will be more reliable.

Alcohol, antifreeze and brake fluid

In a conventional medical syringe dialed alcohol, vodka, Cologne, in General anything containing alcohol. If alcohol is a pity, collect in a syringe antifreeze or antifreeze. No antifreeze – brake fluid recruited. Next, insert the syringe into the keyhole and released the contents inside. In this case, a couple of minutes do not have to wait defrost the locking mechanism a little longer.

electric vacuum cleaner or hair dryer

It is clear that not every garage there is a hair dryer or a vacuum cleaner, and in the open Parking lot or at the entrance of the house to find the power source for these appliances even more problematic. But if so, it's a sin not to take advantage. Direct the flow of hot air from a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner on the door lock and note with satisfaction, as he razmechtalsya right before your eyes.

Hot water

Of course, hot water will quickly melt ice, but it is not necessary to pouring it directly into the door lock. Do more reasonable. In any capacity (rubber bladder, a condom, a few nested into each plastic bags, plastic bottle) are entering the water hotter. Enclosing the container with a heat source to the keyhole, waiting for the results of defrosting, and they will, believe me.

hot key

Heated the key over the flame of a match or lighter. Insert the key into the keyhole and wait until a small key will give all its heat well beyond the mass of the lock mechanism. Repeat the procedure until he warms up to the castle, have more than once.

Car cigarette lighter and the fumes from the exhaust pipes

The driver standing next to the car asking for a cigarette lighter and heated in the case that the driver of the neighboring car has not sent us in a walk, leaned his cigarette lighter to the locking mechanism and othegraven it. Unlikely option, but if you have a hose of suitable diameter put it on the exhaust pipe adjacent vehicles and othegraven castle hot exhaust gases. Important: from the innards of the castle thawed be sure to remove the water, handle lock moisture displacer WD-40 or similar means. Grease the insides of the lock mechanism with special lubricant, graphite, and boldly go without fear of frost. If the lock opened and the door, stubbornly not amenable, then it is frozen to the gasket or to the body.

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