White house officials said, why not have imposed sanctions against Putin

The White house held a regular briefing.

2017-01-03 23:15:56 12


White house spokesman Josh Ernest commented on why the US imposed sanctions against the head of Russia Vladimir Putin. This question was asked by journalists at the briefing. Ernest said that sanctions on heads of state, are introduced only in emergency situations. Journalists also noted that during the cyber attack on USA network in 2015, which was charged with China, the U.S. government only made a public statement. The representative refused to talk about the events of 2015, saying only that the incidents are different in nature. Earlier, U.S. intelligence services have accused Russia of meddling in the elections of the President of America. FBI Director James Comey didn't press charges, believing that there is no direct evidence in cyberattacks from the Russian Federation. The Kremlin has said that the claims from the White house are "unfounded".

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