How to open a frozen car door

Opening a frozen car door, care should be taken not to damage neither the seal nor the paint.

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To get out of this situation the winner and loss will help most ways from the previous article How to open frozen lock plus a little bit of skill, power and accuracy.

Use neprimena door

We try to open the other door of the body. If the attempt is successful, penetrate through it into the cabin and if time allows, try to open the driver's door. Neprimerno fully open the door and shutting it abruptly – formed in the back pressure in some cases can help to separate the frozen door from the body. If the body of the car refers to the type of wagon and the tailgate opened without problems, running the same cottons baggage door, in the hope that a slight increase in cabin pressure will help open the driver's door.

Liquid to defrost, brake fluids, alcohol and antifreeze

Typing in the medical syringe of any of the fluids, put it around the perimeter of the doorway. Wait a few moments and sharp, but neat jerk, trying to open the frozen door. If the attempt does not bring results, take a thin wooden plank (preferably a wooden kitchen spatula) and insert it into the crack between the door and body. Using it as leverage, trying to open the door. It is important not to forget to put under the "wooden Foma" a piece of cloth to avoid scratching the paint of the body.

electric dryer and a vacuum cleaner

As in the case of defrosting, door lock, don't miss opportunities to use the Hairdryer or vacuum cleaner to create a hot air stream. Directed heating flux at the gap between the door and the car body and processed frozen to the door around the perimeter.

the Removal of moisture from the doorway

After defrosting and opening the door we start the engine, warm it and turn on the stove at full capacity. Heating the air in the cabin and by treating all doors liquid for defrosting, open all the doors. Wipe dry all the joints of doors and adjoining parts of the body and doors.Remember: pouring hot water door openings are unlikely to have the desired effect and instead of defrosting in the crevices between the door and the car body will freezes more ice.

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