In Donetsk region the police received an axe to the head

A police officer tried to break up a street fight.

2017-01-04 00:22:05 12


A police officer was hospitalized after intervening in a street fight. The man was taken to the hospital with an open head wound. The incident occurred on the evening of 1 January in the Donetsk region. Police officer Alexander Vetrov was walking home after service, he was dressed in civilian clothes and had no weapons. Hearing the cries for help, the man saw that four unknown persons attacked the man. The winds tried to help the victim, but received a blow with an axe on the head. He managed to call the police and call for backup. The criminals were arrested. As it turned out, they were previously convicted for such antics. He was charged under article "attempt at murder". At the moment the police officer is given the necessary medical assistance. The man who was beaten by criminals, also is in the hospital with a stab wound of the cheek and traumatic brain injury.

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