The couple accused Apple of her daughter's death

The incident happened in 2014.

2017-01-04 01:42:55 10


The couple from Texas was charged by Apple, showing that their application led to a fatal outcome. Family Modisett reported that FaceTime is dangerous while driving, and Apple was not warned about it users. The accident occurred just before Christmas in 2014, in the Dallas area. The family was traveling by car with his daughters who were sitting in the back seat. Behind them rode the car. The driver of the car was distracted by FaceTime, with the result that rammed the family car, Modisett. The accident killed one of the daughters of the spouses. The perpetrator told police that the app distracted him from the road during the search was discovered smartphone men, which indeed was launched FaceTime. The victims claim that Apple is required to block the use of FaceTime when traveling behind the wheel. The man causing the accident, was accused of murder by negligence. He was released in the summer. Apple does not comment on proposed charges.

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