Doctors have found that prevents people to start a new life

Scientists from the Institute of public health conducted an experiment on rodents.

2017-01-04 02:10:54 24


Scientists from the Institute of health have discovered how the brain behaves improper way of life. With obesity, for example, change the dopamine receptors, which are responsible for motivation. Therefore, fat people are harder to start exercise and control the diet. Doctors conducted an experiment on rodents. Mice that consumed a large amount of fat was less mobile. Full mouse wasn't paying attention to your wheel and moved slower than their relatives, who were eating balanced. Interestingly, even before to gain weight, rodents, consuming a lot of fat, reduced their activity. The experiment proved that weight is not the main reason. Impact on the status of the experimental change in the dopamine pathways of the brain. It is also reported that these receptors provoke Parkinson's.

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