How to start the car in the winter. Start the engine in cold weather

With proper and loving care engine easily responds pleasant rumbling at the turn of a key in the ignition in all weather conditions.

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With proper and loving care the engine easily responds pleasant rumbling at the turn of a key in the ignition in all weather conditions.

your car for the winter should be prepared

In preparation for winter, change the engine oil less viscous, put new or clean spark plugs, check the electrolyte level and the charge status of the battery, brought the condition of the ignition system to a perfect,fill the tank of windshield washer antifreeze. Most importantly, in the trunk of the car, put the tow rope, wire cigarette lighter shovels and a shovel.

heated intake manifold

If possible and hot water, a sin it not to use. On the intake manifold of the engine put a rubber hot water bottle with very hot water generously or pour it with boiling water. Heated in the collector, the air will be better mixed with fuel droplets and quality of the mixture of gasoline and air will be much higher.


Very useful for lubricating the frozen engine will be cranking its crankshaft manually by turning the handle or special wrench for the crankshaft. At the worst possible time to spin the crankshaft by the starter.

Heating battery

Included 5-10 seconds of driving lights, fog lights, spiral heated rear window or the cigarette lighter. From this procedure, the temperature of the electrolyte in the battery will rise a little, and behind it will increase the capacity of the battery.

Start the engine

First switch off all unnecessary electrical consumers. Squeeze left foot to floor the clutch pedal, turn on the ignition and run the starter. If after 10 seconds the start the engine would not start, switch off the ignition and make a moment's pause. No need to turn the starter for too long — discharged battery, the candles will be filled with gasoline If the engine and its systems in good working order and adjusted, all your work will be rewarded and at the second attempt the engine will start. If the battery is from many attempts to start the engine unloaded, and the motor car did not start, you may attempt to start the engine naughty, "lit" from another battery or running it with the tug.

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