How to make a cat hate you

That does not tolerate domestic cats.

2017-01-04 05:06:32 21


As you know, cats have a very strong-willed. The study of the behavior of this pet have shown that cats do not like the most. Cats hate it when they don't pay attention. Many people think that they like being alone, but it's not. If the pet is sitting on your armchair or lying on the documents, then it is a sure sign that it draws your attention. Give a furry friend a little time. Pat, play, or treat with something tasty. Try to regularly clean the cat's litter box, otherwise you will have to remove waste products of the animal in the most unexpected places. It is proved that the cats sense of smell is 14 times sharper than a human. Do not feed your pet spoiled food. Try to treat the cat only fresh treats. Representatives of the cat is very jealous. If you live in the house several cats, try to give them equal amount of love and affection. Very hard accepted by the cats of a family quarrel. The animal loves his owners and feels when between them is a disorder. Also cats are startled by loud sounds. A quarrel and loud shouting to anyone is not going to benefit. I love our little brothers. And they will get you to reciprocate.

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