CIA report on "Russian hackers" will be presented January 20

The Director of the CIA said that the document is at the final stage.

2017-01-04 05:57:56 23


The head of the CIA said that the report of U.S. intelligence on the hacker attacks will be directed only at Russia. He said, despite the fact that many countries are engaged in this, the US attention is directed only to "actions on the part of Russia". Details of the document were not disclosed. We only know that it will represent Obama and Trump. According to the CIA, they are confident in the work done and are ready to provide all the evidence. Brennan assured that to do conclusions still early, need to wait for the results. Recall that Donald trump has denied any involvement of the Russian Federation for the elections of the President of the United States. Security services stated that the report was in its final stages and will be presented in the day of the inauguration of the new head of America. Representatives of the Kremlin believe the charges are unsubstantiated.

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