How to prepare your car for winter. Preparation of the machine for the cold

In low temperatures the car has remained reliable and trouble-free means of transportation, for the winter must be prepared.

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body Protection

Salt, which is sprinkled with the winter road in conjunction with water and oxygen is able to turn the truck in the rust bucket for a few seasons, if not in advance to handle an anticorrosive mixture. A good and inexpensive option is coating of the body before the winter season wax. Very often in severe winter frosts the door locks freeze and car door froze to the body. To avoid such surprises, all locks, hinges and door seals treated with lubricant, for example, now popular WD-40.

Pereobuvku in winter tires

Summer tires, rather, the material from which it is made, at low temperatures it becomes solid and hard. Tire grip on the road surface drops sharply. And driving in ice on summer tires is akin to pop-circus acts with serious consequences. For winter driving in the city, with more or less clearing the roads to stop the choice on winter tyres without studs. If the bulk of trips will be outside of the city, snow and ice, you should prefer the studded tires.

Check ignition system and brakes

Most of the problems with starting the engine in winter occur due to a faulty ignition system. Start with checking the battery: check the electrolyte level and density. Trimmed terminals of the wires with sandpaper and tightly fill the electrodes of the battery. Make sure that you have set the ignition timing, if necessary, expose the ignition again. Check that there is enough tensioned the alternator belt and any cracks and traces of destruction. Candles replaced with new ones, and old ones hide until summer. Be sure to check the condition of the brake pads and discs. Lubricated caliper pins and clean the brake cylinders. Pay particularly close attention to the condition of the brake hoses.

Replacement of motor oils, transmission oils and fluids

To facilitate the task of the starter to crank the crankshaft in oil, thickened by low temperatures, changing the engine oil less viscous. For example a move from oil 10W-40 to 5W-40 or 5W-40 to 0W-40. With the same noble purpose to help the gearbox and transmission performed by the shift from gear oils 80W-90 and 85W-90 75W-90. The life of brake fluid is 2-3 years, after this period, its physical qualities change. And if in the summer, "tormozuhoy" even remotely resembles himself "in his youth", in the winter, at low temperatures, its properties drastically change, and to predict how they will behave mess, dangling in the brake system, is almost impossible. We have no doubt that in the radiator and cooling system you bathed in antifreeze, but filled in the washer tank glass non-freezing liquid, cannot vouch. So in winter the tank and pipes had not thawed, pour into a container of glass washer "nezamerzayku". Do not forget to put in the trunk of a car tow rope, wires, cigarette lighter, shovels a shovel, a brush for clearing snow and a couple of rubber mats in case of ice. If you followed all our recommendations, frost, snow, ice and other weather vagaries of winter your four-wheeled friend will be terrible.

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