Scientists have calculated how fast zombies are able to destroy humanity

To calculate the time of the destruction of humanity in case of a zombie epidemic has helped mathematics.

2017-01-04 10:24:32 32


In recent years, the company constantly occurs the end of the world. Scenarios of how this can occur are quite different: from natural disasters to man-made disasters. Also the most possible the majority of scientists and filmmakers consider the option of a "zombie Apocalypse". Mathematics decided to calculate how much time will be needed in order to finally destroy humanity in case of zombie threat, which may occur due to the spread of any bacteria or virus that can turn people into violent and stupid creatures. The results of their research and calculations they published in the journal of Physics Special Topics. The main condition for the distribution was taken as the variant with a bite through which is transmitted the infection to healthy human beings. It also took into account such factors as the uneven distribution of the population on the planet and the well-protected borders between States. Experts came to a disappointing conclusion that the origin of the epidemic in a densely populated area takes one infected and 20 days. Thus it was possible to calculate that the moment when the Earth's population will reach its critical number, after which recolonization of the planet has become impossible, coming up on the hundredth day after the first infected.

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